You can access the web-friendly version of this handbook here. For additional resources and information, the GitHub repository is available here. You can reach out to me on linkedin if you have any questions or feedback.

As an international student, I've spent the last two years navigating life at UMass Amherst, a journey that began in the fall of 2021. During this time, I've had the privilege to undertake a wide array of courses, such as Stats 607 Mathematical Statistics I, CS 685 Advanced Natural Language Processing, and 687 Reinforcement Learning, to name a few. I've learned from talented professors like Prof. Mohit Iyyer, Prof. Hao Zhang, and Prof. Bruno Castro da Silva, among others, and have had opportunities to collaborate with entities such as Meta Reality Labs and Human-Centered Robotics Lab, UMass.

As a graduate student in the Manning College of Computer Science, I've had the unique experience of both learning from and contributing to the vibrant academic community at UMass. I've witnessed the challenges and rewards of adapting to a new educational system, a different culture, and a foreign environment.

As a friend and mentor, I've helped many fellow international students prepare for their own journey at UMass Amherst. I've shared with them what I've learned, provided advice on the courses to take, and discussed how to leverage the resources available on campus.

Navigating the university system, particularly as an international student, can be a daunting task. We often find ourselves unsure about academic expectations, cultural nuances, and logistical matters like housing, healthcare, and transportation. This handbook is my attempt to share my learnings and experiences to make that journey a little less intimidating for future students.

This handbook is not a definitive guide to UMass Amherst or a shortcut to academic success. It's a tool to share collective wisdom and provide some guidance as you start your journey at UMass. Each topic is accompanied by resources that should help you delve deeper into that particular subject.

Welcome to UMass Amherst, and I hope this handbook aids you in your journey.

This book was created by Subramanya Nagabhushanaradhya with the help of wonderful friends. For feedback, errata and suggestions, the author can be reached on linkedin. copyright ©2023 Subramanya Nagabhushanaradhya

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