Spruce Ridge

Experience a blend of convenience and comfort at Spruce Ridge, a contemporary residential community located in the lively Amherst area. Offering spacious 4-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom apartments, Spruce Ridge caters to the needs of students, young professionals, and families looking for an inviting living experience. With easy access to Bus 30 and a short walk to downtown Amherst, where you can catch Bus 31, 33, and B43, residents enjoy seamless connections to UMass Amherst, Amherst College, Hampshire College, and a variety of local amenities.

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Key Information

  • Price Range: The monthly rent varies from $3,100 to $3,400.
  • Bus Routes: The property is located within close proximity to Bus 30, and can catch 31, 33, B43 from downtown.
  • Contact: For further details, please visit their website or send an email.
  • Apartment Types: They offer 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom apartments.

From an individual tenant's perspective, here's a breakdown

  • Rent Amount: A separate room at Spruce Ridge typically costs between $700 - $800.
  • Number of Roommates: The number of roommates in an apartment usually ranges from 4.
  • Proximity to Amenities: Spruce Ridge has a proximity rating of 4 for its closeness to grocery stores, restaurants, and other amenities.
  • Commute Rating: With a rating of 5, commuting from Spruce Ridge is highly convenient.
  • Likes: Tenants appreciate the 10-minute walk to Amherst commons, the quiet environment due to a mix of students and working professionals, and ample space in the living room and kitchen counters.
  • Dislikes: Some concerns include a lack of community, and one or two of the four bedrooms being in the basement, which can be colder during the winter.
  • Overall Satisfaction: Taking all factors into account, Spruce Ridge holds a satisfaction rating of 4.

Note: *All ratings mentioned are on a scale of 5.

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